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Indian Artist Atul Mahajan

Negative- Positive 3

Negative- Positive 3

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Certificate of Authenticity

This is an original art work and Certificate of Authenticity will be provided.
Please know that it is an important document to help provide assurance that an artwork is genuine, as well as offer vital information on what materials were used to create the work, and how best to keep it safe and in the best possible condition. It can also offer information on the provenance of an artwork for years to come.

Unique Artwork

Rarity classifications -
  1. Unique: One-of-a-kind piece.
  2. Limited edition: The edition run has ended; the number of works produced is known and included in the listing.
  3. Open edition: The edition run is ongoing. New works are still being produced, which may be numbered. This includes made-to-order works.
  4. Unknown edition: The edition run has ended; it is unclear how many works were produced.

This artwork is sure to brighten up any room! It comes as a rolled canvas, which makes it easy to transport and hang no matter where you are in the world. Simply hang it up and watch your space come to life!

Size: 12 x 15in | 30.48 x 38.1cm
Year: 2021, Medium: Pen and ink on acid free paper and rice paper

About Artist

Atul Mahajan, an accomplished visual artist, holds an MFA in Creative Sculpture from M.S. University Baroda in 2006. He has been honored with several prestigious awards, such as the Bodhi Art Award in 2006, the Inlaks Indian Art Award in 2007, the H.K Kejriwal Young Artist Merit Award in 2007, and the Bendre Hussain Scholarship Mumbai in 2008. Atul has showcased his works in numerous national and international group exhibitions, including "Barodagman" at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2020, "A State of Alertness" performance at the Tapi Art Festival in Surat in 2018, "Echoes of the Unheard" at the Science Center Art Gallery in Surat in 2018, and "Curve" at the Rotary Art Gallery in Surat in 2017. He has also secured residencies from the Bengaluru Artist Residency (BAR1) in 2008 and the Khoja International Artist Residency Program in Delhi in 2006. Moreover, Atul has conducted numerous workshops, seminars, and design projects related to arts and crafts. His exceptional works have been acquired by private and corporate collectors in India. At present, he resides and works in Baroda (Gujarat).

Artist Statement

I view metaphysics like a garden, a living organism where ideas grow and flourish. My focus is on environmental concerns, and I believe that by engaging with my audience, my work takes on greater meaning. My rural background has deeply influenced my perspective, and I strive to highlight the close relationship between people and nature - the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the space we inhabit. Living in the city, I am increasingly aware of the self-centeredness that pervades our daily lives, and the loss of natural beauty worries me greatly. Despite the impersonal and distant response, I often receive from my audience, I am driven to engage with them, as their response is integral to the completion of my work. To achieve this, I experiment with innovative processes of interaction, using air as a metaphor for the essential nature of my work. Art and creativity are vital to the planning of socially responsible transformation, and I am committed to using my work to inspire action for positive change.

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