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Indian Artist Sekhar Roy

Bengali Tune

Bengali Tune

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This artwork is sure to brighten up any room! It comes as a rolled canvas, which makes it easy to transport and hang no matter where you are in the world. Simply hang it up and watch your space come to life!

Size: 96 x 60 in | 233.68 x 152.4 cm
Year: 2022, Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

About Artist
Life can be compared to a river, starting in the hills and flowing down to the plains, gathering stones, soil, and dirt along the way. The river nourishes other life, but can also become burdened. However, when the river receives fresh water from rain or a small stream, it becomes stronger and more powerful.
Similarly, the life of the individual started on August 17th, 1973. Childhood was not easy, due to political and socio-economic reasons. During school, there was a desire for energy and empowerment. After some obstacles slowed progress, a teacher, the late Prof. Gopal Sanyal, became like a fresh stream, enhancing speed and providing guidance. Many solo exhibitions were accomplished, along with participation in various group shows and camps.

Artist Statement
Human is the best creation of the creator. The mixture of bravery & intellect by which they have approached and established their supremacy among others. This is my observation and I always put my strokes very distinctively and boldly to highlight God’s best creation. By nature, every human being is a combination of vibrant colors. It means the different shades of different moods. My intention is always to make them happy. That is why I like to use the bright colors to depict their happiness.
I am very much influenced by Indian mythological characters and Indian music, especially the style of Bengal folk. Most of my works depict the Indian musical culture and different sources of local musical diversification

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