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Indian Artist Sanjay Ketan



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Certificate of Authenticity

This is an original art work and Certificate of Authenticity will be provided.
Please know that it is an important document to help provide assurance that an artwork is genuine, as well as offer vital information on what materials were used to create the work, and how best to keep it safe and in the best possible condition. It can also offer information on the provenance of an artwork for years to come.

Unique Artwork

Rarity classifications -
  1. Unique: One-of-a-kind piece.
  2. Limited edition: The edition run has ended; the number of works produced is known and included in the listing.
  3. Open edition: The edition run is ongoing. New works are still being produced, which may be numbered. This includes made-to-order works.
  4. Unknown edition: The edition run has ended; it is unclear how many works were produced.

It will add a vibrant touch to any room! This stunning artwork is delivered as a rolled canvas, making it easy to transport and hang anywhere in the world. Hang this piece and lighten up your space!

Size: 36 x 28 in | 91.44 x 71.12 cm
Year: 2024, Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

About Artist 

Sanjay Ketan was born on September 15th, 1972. They nurtured their passion for painting by studying at B.K College of Art & Crafts, located in the city of Bhubaneswar, in the state of Odisha. Alongside their artistic pursuits, they also earned a diploma in Wood Carving from the Directorate of Handicraft & Cottage Industries in 1999, further honing their skills in the field.

Artist Statement

Painting is a spiritual connection for me. I capture the essence of our land with contemporary art. My signature is water droplets. My style is a blend of semi-realism and abstract.

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