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    Sukanta Das, an eminent artist from Kolkata, has achieved great success in his career. In 1996, he earned a top ranking while studying for his Bachelor of Visual Arts at Rabindra Bharati University. Since then, he has exhibited his work in 31 solo shows at prestigious venues such as the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, Art Land Gallery in Dubai and Mumbai, Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, and many others. His art has gained worldwide recognition through participation in numerous art camps and over 100 group shows across Dubai, California, Jakarta, Japan, Singapore, and India. Das' creations have been sought after by art enthusiasts, private collectors, and corporate clients alike. He was also awarded the National Scholarship by the Ministry of Human Resource, Government of India, which is a remarkable achievement. His journey serves as an inspiration to many aspiring artists who strive to achieve their dreams through dedication and hard work.

  • About Statement

    The artist's paintings vividly depict eternal love through a diverse cast of characters, including the primal muse Radharani and the personification of Mother Nature. The women in his canvasses embody those who inherit, nurture, give, and teach love, while the man is portrayed as Lord Krishna, who is both a notorious cowherd and a passionate lover. The paintings are unified by themes of devotion and adoration, creating a sense of 'Purush' and 'Prakriti'. The artist's masterful use of subtle colors and soft hues creates a surreal atmosphere that transports the viewer to an unexplored world. In his latest series, 'Satchitananda', the artist boldly captures Lord Vishnu in his many forms and great chronicles, expanding and exploring his horizons in the endless saga of mythology.

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