Beautiful Abstract Paintings by INDIAN ARTIST SUHANI JAIN

My painting is based on line. Since childhood, I used to see every form in the line. Whether it is solid or flowing water. Man is made up of 5 elements. I mold those 5 elements also in my own form. When you see my paintings, you will get a deep, deep feeling of 3D. I make nature's flowing streams gushing. Where the mind is wandering in search of peace. In this way, I make the corners of the mind relaxed. I scratch the color of the painting and tell its forms. Mostly I use light and white colors. I make some peace from this crowded world. I hope all of you will also be able to find that peace after seeing my work. Everyone is looking for him. If I get this fellowship. So I would like to expand my work further. And will be able to do some new experiments regarding work. Joining your gallery will give new energy and light to my work. I don't have hope, I have full faith. You will definitely give me and my work a chance.